Gain access to tens of thousands of new customers by selling your wine direct to Reserve Pass users across the country. Start now...it's completely free!


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Sell Your Wine Direct-to-Consumer

Get Out There

Gain access to thousands of new customers by selling Direct-to-Consumer on Reserve.
It's Completely Free.

Full Price

We're not a distributor.
You make full price for your wine.
We take a small transaction fee from the consumer.


Transactions are safe and secure, processed through Stripe
Stripe takes a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30ยข.

3 Ways To Deliver

For time-conscience local consumers allow them to easily purchase and pick up in your tasting room.
Utilize your own state licenses to ship direct-to-consumer. Don't be fooled by other company's that say they can ship DTC for you. That's illegal!
Table Service
Let customers who are visiting your tasting room to skip the lines and have their order brought straight to their table. All you need is a tablet or computer fulfill orders as they come in!

Other Benefits

By Claiming Your Free Account You Can Also...

Update Your info
Keep Reserve Pass users up-to-date with your most current contact info, hours, pictures and fees.
Add Your Events
Add your upcoming events to give Reserve Pass users options for their next excursion. We not only show closest events in the Reserve Pass app, we also email event suggestions to our users weekly.
List Your Tasting Menu
Let Reserve users follow your menu so they can like, favorite and add notes as they taste. Then they can easily order from their table or repurchase from home on the Reserve Marketplace.